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When you consider the plight of our people, it is one of turmoil. You may ask church leaders today why God allowed us to suffer so much, and ask for scriptural proof. Church leaders have filled our minds with every love verse- that reality, even the truth is lost. The truth is we’ve been cursed as a people not blessed, things have happened to us and not to no other people- as a race. Why? Our history is the greatest holocaust.

Why were we chosen to go into slavery? Why were our children taken from us? Why were our mothers raped? Why were our sisters sold for wine? Why were our fathers castrated and our brothers made into breeders? Why was our name and nationality changed? Why were we sold into every nation? Why were yokes of iron put upon our necks? Why were we sold on the auction blocks? Why did we come on slave ships? Why did we plant and pick vineyards and never profit? Why was a new religion (Christianity) a new Jesus forced upon us?

Yes, that was the past, not meant to stir up bitterness but rather a desire for Truth. Knowing the past will make us understand the future. Knowing the past according to the Lord will help alleviate many things that trouble our minds. Yes knowing the past will even clear up the struggles and problems we go through today, with others and one another. We have a rich history and a glorious future but we must acknowledge the one true God, His Son, and the Holy Scriptures He left us by the prophets- our fathers.

We will focus on Deuteronomy 28:15-68. The history that happened to the Israelites from the conquest of the Americas in 1492 until the slave trade, and the curses that repeated as a sign unto us.